Let Summer Be Fun And Safe For Your Kids With These Safety Tips.

Summer has set in, and the worry-lines of the doting moms are going deeper!  The trepidation and apprehensions for the comfort of the little ones is quite natural for the moms, owing to the scorching heat and agonizing weather condition that this sultry season brings in.  From heat rashes on skin, the risk of catching cold instantly due to sweating or bowel irritations, summer is definitely not a very happy time of the year for the babies, taking away their sleep and comfort totally. The excruciating condition and humidity makes it terrible for the mothers, who try their best to keep their babies cool and at ease. You might not be able to turn this period too congenial or pleasant for the munchkins, but at least rescue them from the perturbed situations.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to let your baby have a comfortable summer.

Dress The Angels and Princes Right
Remember, the kind of outfits they wear affect their comfort level, too.  Hence, be wise enough to choose or order the most worthy clothing pieces that are convenient to wear. Dress them in cool and lightweight cotton clothes, and ensure avoiding the synthetic fabrics, as they trap heat and can be very uncomfortable for your baby and also may even cause prickly heat rashes. To help them stay away from direct sunlight, bank on the long sleeve and breathable clothes. Also, as accessories, the hat with wide rim will work wonders, without any elastic support.

Stay Indoors In Daylight
During the hottest hours of the day, doctors always advice to keep the little ones indoors. Even if there is an emergency, you should make sure that the baby is well protected. Early mornings and late evenings are good for walks, and also take care of the stroller that you have bought for them.  Remove the excess padding from it, and place simple cotton sheet over the body as that would be less hot, unlike the synthetic covering.

Nappies Must Be Suitable
You might use the disposable nappies for the whole year, but for the summer, the pediatricians always ask the parents to use the cotton ones. The disposable ones are made of synthetic materials, and hence trap heat to give way to heat rashes as sweat gets easily collected. If there is no way out, make sure that the disposable nappies are changed frequently. Keep applying powder to avoid rash.

Keep Them Hydrated
The babies who are less than six months need not be given water, even in summer. In summer, the babies who breastfeed just need to get frequent feeds and they do not need extra water as breast milk contains enough liquids.  If not breast milk, then boiled water in fixed time intervals is very crucial.  For babies who are on solids already, milk shakes, fresh juices, coconut water, can definitely work. Make sure that the baby is never left thirsty!

Massage Oils With Care
Using massage oils in cooler months are absolutely fine, whereas for the hotter months, these oils can be toxic for the little ones. They can easily give way to rashes and skin irritations, and hence dry message is enough.  In the market, different cooling oils like olive and coconut are available for the babies and you can buy them or order online. Use them before bath, and wash the skin of your little one with care and properly after shower.  Replace the lotions and creams with the baby sunscreen creams after discussion with the doctor.

Water Play Works
The summer is the perfect time of the year for the babies to indulge into some water play and activities. Put them in bathtubs or small inflatable baby pools that are available in the online shops with fun elements like funky toys.

Good Sleep Is Important
The cradles or even the bed can be used, but make sure that the room is cool and comfortable enough for his sleep. Buy his bedding made of organic fabrics or cotton, and avoid the synthetic thick sheets.  The more relaxing the sleep, better it is to keep his/her completely energized throughout the day in tiring summers.

Thus, babies need extra protection and care in summers, and you must make sure that as a parent you are able to look after all their requirements in the sultry weather.