Healthy Food Options And Tips For Your Baby

The transition from solid to liquids can really be an exciting as well as a terribly messy affair for the parents.   The food items should be healthy, without the addition of preservatives and also tasty enough to keep the tummies full and happy. The food should be good enough so that the little ones swallow and do not spit them.  Apart from making the meals at home, today the online and offline baby retail stores come with the healthy and yummy baby food items that are quick, easy and highly nutritious. Actually, they turn out to be sanity saver for parents who are busy working outside.

The array of food products available at the inventory of the baby stores might make you confused and puzzled, and this often leads to the wrong selection. Thus, to make sure that you bank on the right and safe food items, here are some essential tips to follow.

Look For Iron
To develop his body and brain, you are supposed to feed him with food items that are extremely rich in iron and calcium. Thus, you can go for two must have options: Meat products, especially the single meats with no additional ingredients. Also apart from these, the plain, single-grain, iron-fortified baby cereal can be used, and it is advisable to avoid the flavored cereals as they are filled with sugars.  Rather, you can combine baby’s cereal with a little bit of veggies or fruits for flavor.

Expose Them To The Taste Of Veggies
There is no substitute for the rich and energy infused veggies. So look for veggie baby food that includes veggies only, and don’t require the addition of flavors or preservatives.  Also, make sure to skip the veggie/fruit combos that are too sweet.

Juice Is Not Happening
The fruit juices that come in canned way can irritate the munchkins, cause diarrhoea and diaper rash, and lead to tooth decay. The vitamins and minerals in juices that directly come from the fruits and veggies only, and hence the intake of canned juice is not necessary.

Avoid Deserts
The dieticians are of the view that the little ones do not need deserts. Even if you want to have something for them, make sure to look for products with no or minimal added sugars!

Vitamin Retention
The jars, cans and shelved containers with baby foods should be checked for the amount of vitamins they have.   You can definitely ask your baby’s pediatrician so that the proper amounts of vitamins reach into their body, and they do not suffer from any deficiency.

Read The Label Properly
The labels of the food items must be read carefully by the parents to understand whether the foods are safe for the little ones or not. Here are the three things that you should definitely notice.

  • Sugar: The sugar addition is listed as fruit juice or syrups, or sold as baby desserts.
  • Salt: Make sure to use food with minimum salt levels.
  • Thickening Agents: Make sure to skip the food items that come with like flours and starches.

Let Not The Marketing Strategy Fool You
The baby foods might come with labelled as natural or organic, and some boast of healthy nutrients and taste, but instead of going by appearances, you must do some background research.  Hence, is to look at the first three ingredients on the label because that will tell you what the item is mostly made of. You should after all not compromise with the health of your little one.

Go For The Glass Containers
The glass jars in which food items are easier to use and less expensive than the pouches.  You can just heat them directly and use them by stirring and serving.  The food items in the plastic pouches are definitely not safe for the little tummy.