Dancina Girls’ Sparkle Tutu Dream Fit 4 Layer Princess Ballet Dance Tulle Skirt

$17.99 (as of September 12, 2017, 3:00 am) $13.97

IT’LL FIT LIKE A DREAM DON’T WORRY- The super stretchy satin elastic waistband gives an almost magical close but comfy feeling. In no time at all your little ballerina will forget she has it on, and step right into the Dancina princess in her imagination, as hundreds and hundreds of Dancina ballerinas have done before her.
HAVE THE CAMERA READY when she opens the parcel! Even if it’s not her birthday party, just sit back and watch the perfectly sized sparkles and star sequins catch the light as she twirls all over the house.’Snap’ her cute excitement to share with your friends, knowing Dancina’s looked after the quality. And yes – that does include making sure hardly any of these glittery decorations end up on the carpet!
COMFORTABLE AND HARDWEARING- You’re still reading, so we know you want her to have lasting fun with her tutu. Here at Dancina we feel exactly the same, so we finally created a super soft tulle material which we’re really proud of. It’s non scratchy too, so we’re absolutely sure it will be perfect for your little girl’s skin, even if she refuses to take off her cute sparkly Dancina tutu the whole day!

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