Maven Gifts: Kalencom Toilet Training Bundle – Mr. Petey Potette Potty Training Kit with 30-Pack Potette Plus Liners – Ages 15 Months and Up

$11.85$36.00 (as of September 11, 2017, 10:20 pm)

Potty training is often one of the most difficult developmental hurdles of early childhood – but it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to this all-inclusive Kalencom toilet training bundle from Maven Gifts! We have paired the Mr. Petey Potette Potty Training Kit and a 30-pack of Potette Plus Liners to make life easier for you and your little one.
When it is time to go, our Mr. Petey potty training companion is your child’s new best friend. This colorful little friend will vanquish bathroom fears and comes complete with an inspirational storybook, “Quest for Cloud Kingdom: A Petey Potette Training Tale.”
Simply snap Mr. Petey into place on any toilet, whether at home or travelling. He is lightweight, comes with a travel bag, and is easy to take on-the-go for ultimate familiarity and comfort in any situation or location.

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