Natural Sea Sponges for Newborn, Baby & Toddler Bath 4 Pack: Gentle Hypoallergenic Baby Shower Care Gift Set by Contented Infant


PERFECT SIZE FOR BABIES & NOT TOO SMALL FOR ADULT HANDS: Specially chosen so that they are large enough for adults to hold comfortably but still perfectly sized for babies. Highly practical with the larger sponges for general bathing and mini sponges to clean around little eyes and ears.
ENJOY FOR LONGER & PRACTICAL TOO! A common complaint is the fragility of natural sponges and how some just don’t last long enough. While we cannot stop natural wear and tear with use, we can at least help to extend your enjoyment by providing multiple sponges within one pack. You could even divide up the pack and place these in convenient locations. Why not keep half a set in the bathroom for bathtime and the other half near the kitchen to clean your baby after feeding, for example?
GENTLE & CARESSING: Soft, hypo-allergenic, absorbent when fully saturated, these sponges produce a rich lather. A sponge that is too soft may require greater pressure to clean, while one that is too coarse may be uncomfortable on a baby’s skin. Contented Infant’s sponges strike a careful balance between softness with adequate texture for a good all round wash.

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